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Coca-Cola launches limited-edition 'dream-flavored' soda

Coca-Cola launches limited-edition 'dream-flavored' soda

If you've ever wondered what dreams taste like, you're in for a treat, because Coca-Cola is releasing another new limited-edition flavor to its Creations lineup. Called Dreamworld, the latest Coke is supposed to taste like dreams.

"This limited-edition flavor is your gateway into a lively, animated world where anything is possible; where imaginations are free to discover the magic in ordinary moments," Coca-Cola said in a press release.

The release of the new flavor is a part of the company's effort to attract new Gen Z consumers through Coca-Cola Creations, which will introduce a series of unexpected beverages and experiences across physical and digital worlds.

Before Dreamworld, Creations rolled out three specialty drinks. Starlight was space-flavored, Byte was pixel-flavored, and the third flavor was developed with Grammy-nominated producer, Marshmello